Samsung Galaxy Grand Dual SIM Smartphone Should Hit Europe Soon

Changing SIM cards can be quite an annoyance, especially if you travel to the same places often, and don’t want to deal with international roaming fees. That’s one of the reasons why dual SIM smartphones are pretty useful. The Samsung Galaxy Grand (model i9082) is one of the latest phones to offer dual SIM slots.

samsung galaxy grand europe

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Xiaomi MI-TWO Android Phone: Only in China (for Now)

While some of our phones are still designed in the West, most of them are manufactured in China. In Beijing, the latest Xiaomi Phone was officially launched. It will be carried by Chinese-specific carriers, such as China Unicom and China Telecom.

xiaomi mi two smartphone china

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Tech With Credit

Many companies update their tech devices every year or so. Some of them are on rigid schedules, trickling down upgrades to consumers but actually holding back some until the next update the following year so that users will buy them no matter what. What does that mean to the tech enthusiast? How often can or should you update your tech when companies release new products?

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Fossil Bluetooth Watch: for Those Too Lazy to Reach into Their Pockets

Fossil has been toying with Bluetooth watches for a couple of years. Their latest concept will connect to your precious smartphone and give you tidbits that are supposed to stop you from digging into your pocket to grab your iPhone.

fossil watch timepiece bluetooth smartphone

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Altek’s Phone Takes 14MP Photos: Time to Throw Out Your DSLR?

It seems that the megapixel count in digital cameras won’t stop climbing. That’s also true for camera phones. Or phone cameras. Whichever way you put it, the new phone from Altek has a 14MP, now that’s quite a lot for something so small.

altek leo camera phone dslr taiwan singapore

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Cellphone Cover

I just spent 30 minutes looking for my cellphone pouch. It’s magnetic and it goes around my Sony Ericsson K810i snugly. It just disappeared. After a while, I thought since it’s magnetic, it might just be hanging onto something strange in a weird place. A few moments later, my hand went underneath my wireless keyboard and found something there. It was the cellphone pouch. I was relieved yet annoyed.

Cellphones And Global Poverty

Just like the OLPC, big cellphone companies see the third world markets as a way to help countries by providing cheap and affordable telecommunications.

Daylight Saving

For some reason, my old cellphone, which I use as an alarm clock, kept changing the time, even though I had set it to the new time on Sunday. Must have been because of some internal DST option. Anyway, I got up at 7AM instead of 6:30AM this morning. That messed up my routine. I didn’t get to drink my tea and had to head into the shower immediately in order to get on the right bus.