2010 Wilier Cento Uno and Cento Uno SL

Wilier Team Lamprés waiting to be ridden for the TDF
Wilier Team Lamprés waiting to be ridden for the TDF

Well, it turns out that this frameset has got some major problems. These are due to the internal cable routing. The rear shifts of the derailleur are imprecise because of a bend in the cabling. The only way around this fault is to use external cable routing. Wilier are aware of this problem, and seem to have addressed it, but it’s still popping up on Cento Uno models. The 2010 Wilier Cento Uno and Cento Uno SL still have the same problems¹. It’s possible that these problems may appear on the new Wilier Imperiale, which is based on the ’09 Cento Uno and is their new aero frame, will have the same problems, as the geometry wasn’t changed from the Cento.

Two areas drew our concern and are worthy of mention. First, the dropped and curved driveside chainstay may reduce chain slap but it also makes for a less-than-optimal path for the internally routed rear derailleur cable. Wilier have addressed this with some low-friction liner to ease the cable through the frame entry/exit point but there was still enough additional drag on hand that we could never get the rear derailleur to shift 100 percent correctly in both directions no matter what we did with the available adjustments [note that Chris Davidson is a pro team mechanic with experience on UCI-registered Campagnolo-sponsored teams ~ Ed].  Our experience indicates that this cable routing binding issue may pose an even greater potential problem with the newer – and more lightly sprung – 11-speed groups that the Lampre team runs.

[Ed. note: Wilier was contacted about these issues and given a chance to refute or explain them. They didn’t. This post was researched. These aren’t just personal claims, but serious problems with the frameset that different owners have reported. The cabling issue stems from the way that the seat stays are used. There are workarounds, such as using external cabling.]

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2010 Wilier Bicycles

10 Wilier Imperiale
'10 Wilier Imperiale

New for 2010 in the Wilier range is the Imperiale, Wilier’s take on the aero bike, best represented by the Cervélo S3. Weight is 1130 gr.

The Cento range gets the Cento Uno SL, a lighter and refined version of the Cento Uno. It was ridden by Team Lampré this year on the Tour de France. The SL is supposed to be 130 gr lighter than the Cento Uno. It weighs in at 920 gr. Cento Uno weight is 1050 gr. There is a special Di2 version to go with Shimano’s electronic Dura Ace component group, featuring internal cable routing. I don’t know about that. I’d prefer monocoque bikes to have no holes in the frame. Preserves structural integrity and stiffness. I count four different Cento Uno models.

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