Is It Finally Time to Switch to LED Bulbs?

051811_rg_LEDvsCFL_01.jpgLighting technology has kept evolving over the last few years, and we believe we’ve finally reached a point where LED bulbs are a viable and cost efficient option. The average energy-saving LED light bulb costs about 35% more than its energy-saving CFL counterpart, but it lasts more than four times as long and uses a fraction of the energy required to power an incandescent. This is just for one bulb. Imagine what happens if you change all of your bulbs in your home…

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LED Bulbs vs. CFLs: Worth It In the Long Run?

111910_rg_LEDVsCFL_01.jpgLED lighting technology is improving by leaps and bounds. It was hard to find any 35,000-hour LED bulbs last year, but this year, you can easily find 50,000-hour bulbs. What does this mean for the green consumer? Are LEDs finally becoming the obvious choice when it comes to energy efficient lighting?

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New Green ESL Bulbs Will Be As Efficient As CFLs and LEDs

092909_rg_eslbulb_01.jpgIn the race to finding the greenest way to illuminate our nights, a new company has come up with a new refinement of old technology to serve our needs. Will it be enough to save you even more money? Find out after the jump.

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