Great CG Robots: Perfect For Desktop Wallpaper

Suraj from Machoarts put together this roundup of great digital robot illustrations. Most of these can be downloaded as wallpapers for your computer. Here are a few that tickled my fancy.

cg robot sexy sorayama machoarts

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Avatar Review

Jake and his Navi/human body double

I saw Avatar and wasn’t disappointed. It was definitely worth watching. During the first hour, I kept thinking that this is exactly what would happen when we discover a planet filled with other sentient beings that didn’t have our level of technology. We’d try to exploit them as soon as they had something that we want.

I think that it’s related to the way our capitalist society works. I can see the US going to war on other planets for resources and to stop alien terrorists from bombing us. Our economy is heading towards the creation and development of mega-corporations. These entities don’t have any morals and are governed by a lust for profit. They are inhuman and shouldn’t represent us, especially when we start venturing out of the solar system.

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