Levitating Chair Could Make The Hoverboard A Reality

I don’t know about you guys, but when I first saw that the Japanese had invented a sort of hovering chair for the elderly, I thought about one thing, and one thing alone: hoverboards will someday become a reality.

hoverboard levitation chair japan elderly floating

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Aether & Hemera’s Mood Chair Is Perfect For Color Therapy

112509_rg_MoodChair_01.jpgAfter a long day at work, it’s normal to feel kind of drained. Usually when most people come home, it’s time to do a few chores and to relax, because the daily grind starts again the next day.

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Pimp Your Seats With Seat Heating

Are you finding your leather seats too cold? Well, look no further, because we’ve found an idea that’s quite interesting. It involves installing some seat heating into your seats to make them warmer in cooler temperatures.

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Modern Ovalia Chair: The Adjustable Computer Workstation

052609_rg_bud_workstation_01.jpgWe all love the Ovalia egg chair. It’s an iconic piece of furniture from the 60s. Since it hasn’t been produced for over 30 years, it’s hard to find these days. Previously, unless you could afford the price for those vintage pieces of furniture or the new ones with some fancy speakers, you were out of luck. Now, the iconic chair has been reinterpreted for our modern lives. We like how the Bud Adjustable Computer Workstation pays an homage to the Ovalia chair.

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Rollable Chair: A Perfect Way to Seat Extra Guests and Clients

040309_rg_rollablechair_01.jpgExtra seating is something that everyone needs. We need to have a few extra chairs around in case we get some guests or clients, or just for plain fun. The only problem is that chairs aren’t that easy to store, even the ones that fold up. They take a lot of place and at some point, the cheaper ones become uncomfortable. This is a chair that completely rolls up, out of sight, when not in use.

The Portable Office: When You Are on the Go and Need A Workspace

033009_rg_portableoffice_01.jpgYou know how it is. You are on the go somewhere in town and just wish that you’d have your own table and chair. Only, most of us just can’t bring along ours with us. Or you need extra tables and chairs in your office or the kid’s room for a short while, and you can’t seem to find things that can be easily stowed away. That’s why I really like these two items. One of them is a flat-folding chair the other one is a collapsible table that’s made out of cardboard.

The Amcor: The Iconic Fridge Chair

032709_rg_fridgechair_01.jpgFinding the right chair isn’t always easy. You’ve got a lot of different choices, and sometimes it’s not obvious which one would suit you best. First of all, you need something comfortable. Then you need to think about how it looks. Afterward, you’ll need to make sure it fits in your home office. When I saw the Amcor chair, I was really surprised. It is a green chair made from recycling a refrigerator.

The Ruby Rocking Chair: Ergonomic and Freaky Looking

031309_rg_rubyrockingchair_01.jpgI enjoy rocking chairs. Actually I tend to rock on chairs that aren’t even supposed to rock. Not all of the time, but it’s something that I like to do. Sometimes, it just feels good to rock around a bit. I’m sure that there are a lot of people who like doing this as well, it’s not just something that old people like to do. I can’t remember the number of times that my office chair tipped over because I was actually trying to sway it past its usual tolerance. Don’t worry, I’ve never injured myself. I’ve learned to take precautions. This is something that you wouldn’t have to do with an ergonomic rocking chair, which is what Ruby is.

Watch Out Marty McFly, It’s the Hover Chair!

012809_rg_hoverit_01.jpgAlmost everyone loves Back to the Future. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen the movies, but I remember seeing the original in theaters when I was a kid. One of the best things in the movies was the hover board. I lusted after a hover board for a long time, even though I knew that it was science-fiction. There wasn’t anything cooler than that. Hovering around on your hover board, being like Marty McFly.
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35-H Lounger Chair Looks Better Than Herman Miller’s Embody


Everyone needs a seat. We all know this. However, most of us are content with cheap chairs. Those of you who’ve spent a lot of time in chairs in front of computers know that a good chair is necessary. Our test lab has shown that the Herman Miller Embody chair is one of the best chairs available. Now what do you get when you take an Embody chair and transform it into a lounge chair? You get the 35-H Lounger chair from Frédéric Sofia.

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