Memorable Moments in Misfits S03E02

Misfits intertitle, via Wikipedia

Curtis as Melissa learning that he’s shit in bed.

Alisha imitating Curtis when they were having non-touching sex.

I had some trouble with my aim.
Curtis as Melissa, trying to fill up a vial for a drugs test

I can already see what is going to happen. Curtis just made love to his female friend Emma as a girl. She showed “her” what she likes. Curtis-as-Melissa will use this information the next time he has sex with her and she’ll discover that he’s the she.

Rudy throwing up into a girl’s hoodie, while she’s turned away from him. She doesn’t notice but obviously she will at some point.

Curtis-as-Melissa having a freak out and then realizing that he’s having a period.

Ultimate Big Brother UK Final S01E18 (Channel 4)

Today is the last day of BB. Oh boo-hoo. I won’t miss the Ultimate edition, but the regular edition will be missed.

Chantelle is talking with Brian about a conversation had with Preston last night. Chantelle says that she is still completely in love with him. That’s so sad.

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Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E17 (Channel 4)

Feltzie is taking about her weight issues. The lowest she got was size 12.

Vic and Nick follow Brian around to annoy him. Chantelle and Michelle also start following him. Ulrika and Feltzie rescue him.

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Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E16 (Channel 4)

Two HM are going to be evicted.

Feltzie says that she regrets having only two children. Chantelle says that she can’t wait to have children.

Vic is unaware that he’ll be having cold showers for the rest of his time in the house. Vic figures it out quickly enough.

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Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E015 (Channel 4)

Instead of going out with a bang, this show is going out with a snore. It’s starting to get tedious to watch. I almost want to skip it.

Chantelle says that it’s going to be quite hard for her to be all alone once she leaves the house because she won’t be with Preston anymore. Ulrika tells Preston that it’s obvious that Chantelle still cares about him a lot. Preston says that they need to have a proper talk after BB to see where they stand. He doesn’t categorically say that he doesn’t want to be with her.

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Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E14 (Channel 4)

Feltzie, Nikki, and Vic are talking about politics, death, and taxes. BB says that nominations will take place today. Vanessa will nominate and can be nominated. Vic says that he might just go random. Most of the HM don’t take it well.

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Ultimate Big Brother UK S01E13 (Channel 4)

The HM are woken up by ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ by Björk.

The HM find a table, which is a smaller version of the one Feltzie wrote stuff on when she was ejected. She wrote some crazy stuff. Michelle is eating breakfast by herself in the garden. Ulrika is cleaning the bedroom toilet. Vanessa is cleaning the bathroom toilet.

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