Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E05 (C5)

Late last night, Bobby and Lucien rearranged stuff in the kitchen. Lucien put frozen peas in the cutlery drawer. Darryn is the first to notice. My guess is that the HM will be punished.

For some reason, Jedward slap some of the HM in the face. Wasting food is stupid.

Bobby and Lucien come to the diary room. They don’t get punished.

It’s hair wash day for Jedward. They are total idiots. They used all of Sally’s shampoo.

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Celebrity Big Brother S08E04 (C5)

It’s Day 3 in the CBBUK house. The HM are getting up. Edward pulls a prank on Sally. He takes away all of her towels.

Bobby, Darryn, and Paddy are in the gym. Sally and Kerry are talking. Sally was quite upset at being nominated by Kerry.

Darryn wants Lucien to have a proper go at Pamela. Lucien comes to the diary room to confess that he’s got the hots for Pamela.

Tara tells Jedward about her most famous line in The Big Lebowski.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E03 (C5)

Tara says that both Darryn and Sally snore. Amy offers to swap. Paddy is doing some running. Jedward are preparing a bubble bath using an entire bottle of dishwashing liquid.

This is the first recap episode. The last two were live eps. BB tells Kerry that she has to keep bing a diva until the HM choose which HM is the most diva-ish.

Paddy is doing some laps in the pool. Tara is sunbathing with Bobby. Tara looks pretty hot. They both like Kerry.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E02 (C5)

Kerry’s tantrum was a bit pitiful.

Jedward come to the diary room. They talk about their hair a lot. They like Amy and Kerry.

Outside, Paddy says that he finds Jedward annoying. Tara hasn’t heard of Jedward before. Jedward sexuality comes up.

The bedroom is opened. Jedward run toward it. Darryn and some other finally come in. Who will have to share? Kerry is called into the diary room again.

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Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E01 (Channel 5)

As the US version of Big Brother started up again this summer, I tried watching a few episodes with the wife (she loves it) but it was so bad that I couldn’t handle it. It’s mostly because of the choice of HM. Anyway, I was pretty happy to hear the the UK version would start up again. I have two problems with this. Davina McCall isn’t the host, which is really sad because I love her, and it’s the celebrity edition, which I usually don’t like, but Celebrity Big Brother UK is better than no Big Brother UK.

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