Big Brother Australia S08D84 (Channel Ten)

It’s the end of the road for most of the HM. Double eviction tonight. Alice is on the treadmill. The HM get up. Terri tells Travis off for being an idiot when he walked in. She was nice though.

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Big Brother Australia S08D082 (Channel Ten)

The HM have been given bricks and cement to build a mailbox. Ben is released from the Kombi. He can go back into the house.

Rory and Travis are making slow progress on the letterbox. It takes them 6 hours to complete.

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Big Brother Australia S08D081 (Channel Ten)

This morning, Travis is waking up all of the HM except Terri. He made a deal with BB. If they can iron enough clothes, they can have the parcel for Terri. Yesterday, Ben tried to broker a deal between BB and him to get Terri’s care package in exchange for the treadmill. Alice plain out refused.

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Big Brother Australia S08D080 (Channel Ten)

Each year, there is talk of canceling the BBAU show. It seems that this year, Channel Ten AUS has decided to cancel the show completely. The show is pretty big, but the format might need to be reworked a bit. Towards the end of the show, it really gets boring. Right now, it is totally boring I have to say, if I compare it with BBUK.

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Big Brother Australia S08D079 (Channel Ten)

The HM will become ironmen. They think that they are going to be spending for a week, but they are in for a surprise. Suspended in the backyard are a half of a ton of clothes. They have to iron and fold them. The clothes will go to charity.

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Big Brother Australia The Big Sting S08D078 (Channel Ten)

It’s time for a round of fake snap evictions. The HM still wonder about Jackie’s comment about the long night.

Travis goes to get some drinks. The HM joke about Cherry’s hand grenade. BB calls Alice to the diary room. The HM have to remain in the garden. Alice is pretty happy to be in the final week. Ben likes it as well. He doesn’t think that he can win.

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Big Brother Australia Daily And Eviction S08D077 (Channel Ten)

Pamela has the photos from the photo chute. She gives them to the HM. She’s leaving soon. There is champagne for the HM.

Pamela hasn’t done much in Australia. She’s been sleeping a lot. She is involved in PETA. She leaves quickly enough.

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