BioLite CampStove Generates Electricity to Charge Your Gadgets

Have you ever been stuck in the wilderness and your devices are about to fail because there is just no way to charge them back up? Check out BioLite’s CampStove, which will allow you to cook or heat your food while charging up your gadgets at the same time.

biolite campstove 1

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Lamp-Based USB Charging: One Stop to Juice Up

012412_rg_USBChargingLamp_01.jpgWhile it’s not uncommon for lamps and desk lights to integrate other functions, a recent trend is the incorporation of charging station for tech accessories, creating an ideal “landing spot” for mobile devices.


Kanex Sydnee Holds and Charges 4 USB Devices at Same Time

With the plethora of USB chargeable devices in your home, you probably have run into some problems finding enough plugs, space, or both to try to get them all juiced up at once. I know that I have to split them up into different rooms and plugs to get them all powered up. The Kanex Sydnee offers a way to charge up to 4 devices via USB from a single power source.

kanex sydnee ios charger 01

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Roll-Up Travel Charger: Power Up with Style

When I travel with my chargers, it’s usually a mess, with cables everywhere and tangled up in my bag. You’re probably the same way. This is why Restoration Hardware’s Roll Up Travel Charger is a cool addition to anyone’s kit bag.

roll up charger travel leather restoration hardware retro

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IKEA Sunnan Solar Lamp Modded Into iPad Charger

When you think about it, having a solar charger is a good idea, especially if you find yourself outdoors frequently, and your gadgets often run out of juice. If you’d rather not just go with an off-the-shelf charger, you can always mod an IKEA Sunnan solar lamp to become your iPad charger.

sunnan ikea hack voltaic systems ipad charger

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Twelvesouth’s PlugBug: One Charger to Rule All Apple Chargers

Do you ever run out of space on your outlet to charge up all of your Apple devices? The chargers Apple includes for iOS gadgets and MacBooks are cool, but they do take up precious outlet space, which is why the Twelvesouth PlugBug is so cool. It cuts down on the number of chargers that you’ll need in order to juice up your devices. The PlugBug can be added to a MacBook charger so that it can charge up all your iOS devices with the same charger.

ios charger macbook ipod ipad iphone twelvesouth

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5 DIY Smartphone Solar Power Charging Solutions

100411_rg_DIYSolarCellCharger_01.jpgIf there’s one thing we’ve learned, having a portable power source is practically a necessity when we’re traveling, out and about. Of course, there are plenty of readymade battery pack options out there. But how about making your own solar powered charger pack?

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Eton Mobius Solar iPhone Charging Case: Juice Up with the Sun

Eton has plenty of solar-powered devices and green solutions in their product lineup, but the Mobius case for the iPhone 4 allows you charge up your phone by using the sun, without having to carry around an external charger. Eton was able to streamline the design, so it’s not clunky.


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Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Speaker Still Needs to be Plugged in

If you’re looking for a unique dock and charger, look no further, because the Ozaki iSuppli Gramo iPhone Speaker, on top of having a quirky name, will do the job nicely. The speaker is designed to look like a gramophone, and from the description, it will only need to be plugged in if you want to charge your iPhone or use the amplified speaker features.

ozaki isuppli gramo charger speaker dock iphone ipod

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Panasonic’s Solar Charging Table: Total Wireless Power

052011_rg_PanasonicSolarTable_01.jpgWhen your gadgets are running low on power, it’s always nice to have a few different options. From trying to scrounge for a power outlet to popping in new batteries or a juice pack, there are many ways of getting more power. This table was recently showcased by Panasonic and it’s completely wireless. It dispenses power from its solar panel to anyone who needs it.

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