Hundreds of Lost Fossils from the Darwin Collection Rediscovered by the British Geological Survey


The fossils, which had been ‘lost’ for 165 years, were rediscovered by chance by the British Geological Survey. Some of these were collected by Charles Darwin himself. They form a remarkable discovery, since they were simply in a drawer marked “unregistered fossil plants.”

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Scalzi on Creation

Doraemon, image via Wikipedia

Creation is a biopic on Charles Darwin. The producers are whining because they aren’t getting a wide release from distributors.

The major US studios are no longer really tuned to distribute films like this in any event. Maybe if Charles Darwin were played by Will Smith, was a gun-toting robot sent back from the future to learn how to love, and to kill the crap out of the alien baby eaters cleverly disguised as Galapagos tortoises, and then some way were contrived for Jennifer Connelly to expose her breasts to RoboDarwin two-thirds of the way through the film, and there were explosions and lasers and stunt men flying 150 feet into the air, then we might be talking wide-release from a modern major studio. Otherwise, you know, not so much.


That robot sounds like Doraemon, the robot cat from the future and even though Jennifer Connelly is so sexy that it hurts, I can never quite forgive her for getting rid of her puppies.