Aliens vs. Predator Chess Set: Alien Queen to Predator King, Checkmate!

I have always liked both Alien and Predator – at least individually. When they were first combined, it wasn’t a stellar result, but this chess set looks pretty awesome. It will allow you to pit your own Aliens versus Predators and see who will come out on top.

Aliens versus Predator chess 01

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LEGO Empire Strikes Back Chess Set: LEGO+Star Wars, Who Could Ask For Anything More?

It’s always been about Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for me. No matter what people say, I think it’s the most important film of the Star Wars saga. Even though I have to agree that Revenge of the Sith wasn’t all that bad, it was nowhere near as good as Empire, IMHO That being said, check out this neato LEGO Star Wars chess set, right out of Empire.

star wars empire strikes back chess lego

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100,000 LEGO Robotic Monster Chess: Can Chess Get Any More Complicated?

Playing chess is fun, but I’ve never seen a chess board like this! It uses about 100,000 LEGO bricks and the chess board is about 12 feet to each side! Oh yeah, each chess piece is a LEGO robot! Can it get any better?

robot chess lego make fun

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Teeny Tiny LEGO Chess Set

I’ve got to give to the guy behind this LEGO build, it’s ingenious. If you love playing chess, then you should get cracking and build your own.

lego chess set mini figurines

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