Kinder Children Are Happier & More Popular Than Bullies

CREDIT: School photo via Shutterstock

New research indicates that children who are kinder are also happier and more popular. Simple acts of kindness could help reduce bullying in schools.

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Why Children Believe Hiding Their Eyes Makes Them Disappear


Young children think that they can hide themselves from others by covering or closing their eyes. This is something that most parents and teachers quickly discover, but why exactly do children believe this?

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Totoya Creatures iPad/iPhone Cases Make Gadgets Even More Kid-Friendly

We all know that kids love iPads and iPhones. They love the games, the touch-based OS and basically it’s impossible to get your iDevice back when it gets into the hands of a toddler. The Totoya Creatures cases are meant to house your iPhone or iPad and encourage your kids to play with them even more.

totoya creature cases

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Speck iGuy Case for iPads Doesn’t Walk, But it Stands

You can avoid it as long as you like, but you know that kids love iPads and iPhones. The fact of the matter is that they just love the touch-based interface since it’s quite intuitive, plus there are quite a few cool games for kids on iOS. This new case is the Speck iPad Guy and it will only serve to further encourage your little ones play with your iPad.

speck ipad case stand kids children rubber

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5 Easy Ways of Fostering Bilinguism in Your Child

082211_rg_BilingualTipsChildren_01.jpgWhile a lot of adults will struggle trying to learn another language, kids can usually pick it up quite quickly. It’s always surprising how fast this can happen, especially if you make a point of fostering this as much as possible, within reason. It’s always important to keep things fun, doubly so if your child is quite young.

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Life-Sized LEGO Animals at the Bronx Zoo: No Honey, that Tiger Won’t Eat You!

These amazing life-sized LEGO animals are part of the Great Summer Zoofari that’s going on at the Bronx Zoo, until September 30. You’ll find a bunch of different animals rendered in full size all from LEGO bricks, including penguins, giraffes, flamingos, and tigers.

bronx zoo life-sized animals replica lego

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LEGO Duplo Walls: I Want My Whole Place Like This

While this LEGO Duplo-walled room was originally supposed to be for kids, I can just imagine what you can do with a room like this. Think about it, you could start building stuff right off the walls, and since we all know that you can almost do anything with LEGOs, the sky is the limit. These walls use those oversize Duplo bricks, but that doesn’t mean that the same thing isn’t possible with LEGO boards.

lego walls toys playroom great builds

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Mount Night Light Under Bed For Discreet Ambient Glow

When you’ve got little ones coming in and out of your bedroom, you need to have some kind of night light around. While most night lights are pretty standard and will work well, we like how this hack enables you to create a lighting solution that will cast a discreet ambient glow, perfect for when kids need them or when you come home late when your partner is already asleep.

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Tandar Interactive Robot Monkeys: The New Furby?

Luckily, I escaped the Furby craze when I was a kid, but it looks like the company behind these new interactive robot monkeys is trying to revive the trend. Tandars are robotic toys with sensors. There’s good news though; they won’t break the bank, like some other robot toys out there.

tandar robot monkey interactive toy

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Healthy Uses For Your Home Tech

While there are some drawbacks with having a lot of tech in your home, there are also some benefits. The Internet and computers have made things that were hard in the past very easy. Take a look at our list of healthy things that you can do with technology.

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