What To Look For When Purchasing a Phone Case

iphn4_snpcs_rostarr05.jpgIt’s not uncommon now for smartphone owners to accessorize their smartphone to match their attire. It’s always good to have a couple of choices. But making sure the case fits and protects while also giving your phone a personalized exterior is equally important. Here are a few tips for making sure the case(s) you purchase fit correctly…


Choosing the Right Monitor For Your Laptop/Desktop

When you’re putting together your home office, especially if you are a mobile warrior and work off your laptop most of the time, it’s really nice to have a big monitor at home so that you can use your laptop more like a desktop. In the past, docking stations were a must, but nowadays, mobile users just need a decent-sized keyboard, and a mouse so that they are ready to go coupled with a good monitor.

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