Everyone’s Least Favorite Tech Chores & Ways to Avoid Them

101912_rg_TechChores_01.jpgAdmit it, technology doesn’t always make life easier. Even though tech helps people to do their jobs and the tasks that they need to accomplish, maintaining your tech can involve lots of little chores you probably hate doing. Here’s a list of our least favorite tech chores, and steps we’ve taken so that they don’t bother us too much anymore.

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Use RunMyErrand to Outsource Your Chores!

090309_rg_runmyerrand_01.jpgModern life can get quite busy. In fact, it can get too busy for some people. That’s why we thought that this new online service named RunMyErrand was interesting. It’s perfect for those days when you are simply overwhelmed by work, kids, and your home life. RunMyErrand will actually outsource your chores for a few bucks!

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Use Google Docs to Manage Dorm and Apartment Life

060109_rg_google_spread_01.jpgOne of the easiest ways of sharing documents is Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to share any number of documents among groups of people. We’ve found that it’s an easy way to manage apartment life. If you have roommates, it’s a great way to make a budget, schedule tasks and chores, and make lists that each roommate can edit.

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