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Supernaturally Currently Listening to Mullet Rock

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KansasCarry On My Wayward Son
MotörheadAce of Spades
AC/DC – Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell

… because of Supernatural. I just finished watching season 2 and 3. Previously, I had completely dismissed the show after the 1st season. A friend of mine turned me onto the show and I have to say that it’s combination of incredible storylines, music and muscle cars.

While I was watching the 2nd and 3rd season, I found it strange that the boys didn’t believe in Heaven and God. It didn’t make much logical sense since they knew that Hell and demons existed, this meant that by definition, God and angels had to exist.

The 4th season involves the angels of our Lord. The stories are great and I like how angels are portrayed. They aren’t agents of good, they are agents of God. In that respect, they always look at the big picture. The Winchester brothers have become polar opposites. Dean has become an agent of God and Sam is more demon than human. I loved how they brought Dean back from Hell. That an angel actually got him out of the Pit.

The episode Ghostfacers from season 3 (episode 13) was really awesome. I didn’t like how they lost the Colt. Hopefully, the Colt will be back in season 5. I have come to hate the sound of the way that the Impala’s door closes. There is this little click that really annoys me.

The Colt was used by Azazel’s agent to open up a gate to Hell in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 (season 2 finale), letting hundreds of demons escape Hell and enter the earthly plane. I enjoyed seeing John Winchester escape and probably make his way into Heaven. The way that his soul dissipated is evidence of this happening.

I like how the mythos of the show is organized. I like the reapers, the ghosts, the creatures and the duality between demons and angels. The Apocalypse is nigh. When angels rebel and want to free Lucifer, things are pretty bad. Castiel was stopped from becoming too involved with Dean. This will be a problem for Dean later on.

I wonder how Evangelical Christians perceive this show. It does show the occult, but with the 4th season, it also shows angels. Here is an article I found on the religious significance of Supernatural. The article correctly identifies that the show has been steadily moving away from Paganism and Wiccan aspect to Christian ones.

This article also dissects Supernatural and its influences on the characters it created. I’ve yet to see the religious significance of season 4 examined. It’s probably something that I would do.

Rapture Ready

Adventures in the parallel universe of Christian pop culture.

Kind of makes me want to read this book by Daniel Radosch.

Christian And Other Music

In the past, I would have been quick to dismiss Christian faith music, especially the metal or alternative metal. However, I’ve come to change my mind over the years.

I don’t really care about the faith of a band. I’m sure that I’ve listened to Satanists over the years. Is Christian faith music so aberrant?


I actually like Flyleaf a lot. I know that Evanescence isn’t really Christian faith music, but I still like it. I watched Die Hard 4 when it came out. I watched the movie again and rediscovered Flyleaf, a band that I had found interesting at the time. There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t listen to any music with instruments. I would only listen to electronic music.

Currently, I listen to a vast array of music, from IDM, minimal techno, to indie and metal. Naturally bands and artists like Hooverphonic, Portishead (I love Third), Massive Attack, The Cardigans, Tricky, Orbital, Moby (Last Night is released tomorrow), Björk, Mouse on Mars, Stereolab, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Metallica (only the first four albums), Slayer (Seasons in the Abyss) :Wumpscut:, Suicide Commando and Evil’s Toy (now called Toy) have been staples in my earphones for years.

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

John 8:7

A beautiful verse from the Bible, full of meaning and thought. I’ve enjoyed it many times.

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