Suck UK’s Cardboard Radio: Easily Recyclable to Say the Least

I’ve heard of cardboard being used for a variety of purposes, but this is the first radio that I’ve seen that made out of it. This radio is appropriately named the Cardboard Radio.

suck uk radio cardboard christopher mcnicholl recyclable

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TweetingSeat: Sit on It! (and Tweet)

I’ve heard of tweeting objects before, like a tweeting cat door and the tweeting scale, but this is the first time that I’ve seen a tweeting bench. The TweetingSeat was created by designer Christopher McNicholl. The bench creates logs of its usage (must be very pertinent information), takes photos of people who sit on it, and tweets about it over at its dedicated Twitter feed @TweetingSeat.

tweetingseat christopher mcnicholl twitter tweets bench tech interactive

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