Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer & Helena Christiensen Naked

Older supermodels strip naked for ID Magazine, NSFW

That’s actually false advertising. At most in these photos, you’ll see a breast or two. They were being photographed naked, but it is all deftly hidden with accessories. Out of the three, I always like Eva Herzigova a lot when I was in my teens.

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Supermodels Super Natural

Peter Lindbergh photographs Amber Valleta, au naturel
Peter Lindbergh photographs Amber Valletta, au naturel

I’ve always thought that Amber Valletta was stunningly gorgeous. This photograph, taken without any makeup nor digital enhancements, just proves my point. Peter Lindbergh photographs 8 supermodels au naturel. Nope, they aren’t naked, but just natural. Simply beautiful.

In my mind, women paste on way too much makeup and get trapped in BDD issues with plastic surgery. Natural is beautiful. Natural is vibrant and gorgeous.

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