ScreenSavrz Cover Protects iMac Displays without Flying Toasters

There’s something to be said about taking care of your computer monitors, especially about the ones that come included in all-in-one computers. You can’t really change those easily when there’s something wrong with them, so it makes sense to be very careful, just in case.

screensavrz imac screen cover radtech

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The Technologist’s Tools for Good Housekeeping — 2012 Apartment Therapy Tech Gift Guide

The task of housekeeping has evolved considerably in the last several years: HEPA air filtration inside air purifiers and vacuums, ultraviolet disinfection for germ-busting via light, house cooling and warming fans without nary a fan blade in sight…


Tips For Spring Cleaning: Filters to Gadgets

031511_rg_TipsSpringClean_00.jpgIt’s that time of the year when we should all give our places a good scrub. Cleaning isn’t the most pleasant activity, especially if you live alone, but there is something to be said about living in a clean home. When all the grime and funk has been removed, you might get the impression that you’ve moved into a new place.

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Robot Invasion: A New Wave of Roomba Alternatives

031511_rg_RobotVacuum_01.jpgWhen we first saw the Roomba on late night television, we thought it was some kind of infommercial joke. A few years on, the joke is on us, with the Roomba leading the trend in robotic home cleaning. The Roomba seems to have hit a nerve for those who hate vacuuming, helping keep housekeeping duties with minimum effort, especially for large spaces. As reported earlier from CES 2011, it looks like the Roomba has some serious competition from various manufacturers looking to take Roomba’s crown…

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Use Sunlight When Cleaning Your Monitor

020711_rect540.jpgLike most people we love keeping our monitors and displays spotless. It’s just something we do, and quite frankly, we do obsess about it. From coffee filters to DSLR air blowers, we’ve tried them all to keep our laptops, HDTVs, and computer monitors clean. Here’s a simple tip for all of you who also want to keep your screens their most spotless.

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Keeping Your Gaming Area Organized

012511_rg_OrgHomTheaConsole_01.jpgIt’s true that if you are a console gamer, then you need to keep you gaming area tidy, as they can rapidly become very messy very quickly. The trick is to be consistent and clean up each and every time, otherwise the mess seems to grow on its own.

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Using a DSLR Air Blower to Clean Your Computer Monitor

011111_rg_AirBlowerScreenClean_01.jpgTaryn told us about a simple and easy way of cleaning up the monitors of your computers. This also applied to television sets. I’ve been using something slightly different to clean my monitors. Although it won’t clean the grime off screens, it will keep them lint and dust free. The trick involves a lot of air.

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Cutting Down On Desktop Clutter By Going For A Laptop

120610_rg_DesktopClutter_01.jpgAs more and more people opt for a laptop for all of their computing needs, can going for a desktop replacement laptop cut down significantly on the clutter surrounding your workstation? Keeping your workstation tidy is one of the easiest ways of being more productive. We’ve learned that being clutter-free lets our creative juices flow.

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Tips On How to Maintain a Clutter Free Home Office

112210_rg_DeclutterYourDesk_01.jpgMaintaining a clutter-free desk, workstation, and home office can be a challenge for many people. It’s great to clean up, but it doesn’t take long for things to become cluttered again. Here are our tips on remaining clutter-free and to ensure that you won’t need a clean sweep anytime soon.

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Windro Robot: This Roomba Does Windows

While I don’t have a Roomba, I used to have a boss who kept watching the infomercials a few years ago and finally got himself one. Love them or hate them, robot vacuum cleaners are here to stay. This latest ‘bot isn’t a Roomba, or a robot vacuum cleaner per se, but a robot which will clean your windows. Now that sounds cool.

windoro robot south korea piro cleaning windows

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