5 Vacuum Cleaners We Love

Although a broom and a mop can do wonders in some places, a vacuum cleaner is essential in most homes. But considering which vacuum to choose, with price, filtration, cleaning performance and energy efficiency can make choosing the right vacuum a task for those who just want to get their home cleaned, easily and quickly. These are our personal favorite vacuum models, representing a wide array of budgets and styles.

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Socrates & Glaucon on the Home Shopping Network

Hilarious little diatribe over at McSweeney’s. How would Socrates sell a mop?

Chinavasion’s Robot Vacuum Comes with a Cam

The competition in robot vacuum cleaners is heating up. Roomba has got some serious competition from all over the world. The latest is from Chinavasion, who’s put something unique onto their robot vacuum cleaner.

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Miele Neptune Is Now Available in Turquoise!

This new Miele vacuum cleaner is called the Neptune, and it looks perfect since it’s light and portable, on top of looking pretty fetching in turquoise! The reason why it’s offered in turquoise is that Pantone declared this color the Pantone color of 2010.

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LG Announces RoboKing: An Updated Roomba Replacement

It’s great to see that another company has seen the light and has decided to offer an updated version of their robotic vacuum cleaner. It’s clearly a Roomba replacement. Competition is good as prices might get lowered.

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Electrolux Powerglide: Vacuums Any Surface

092109_rg_powerglide_01.jpgAt Unplggd, we love vacuum cleaners. Why? They keep our pads nice and clean. You know as well as we do that even though vacuum cleaners aren’t made to work on all surfaces, you still use them to get rooms clean. That’s why Electrolux’s new vacuum cleaner might do the trick for you: it works well on a number of different surfaces.

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Samsung’s New Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

091609_rg_samsungfurot_01.jpgIf you’ve ever wanted an upgrade from your trusty old Roomba, then the Furot from Samsung might be it. It’s a given that vacuum cleaning isn’t something that everyone likes to do. Also, homes get messy quickly and having a robot around to do your chores really frees up your time.

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Geco: Solar Powered Robot Cleans Windows

081209_rg_geco_01.jpgIf there’s one thing that frustrates us it’s cleaning windows. Don’t get us wrong, the glass on the inside is easy to clean, but a lot of us live in condos or apartments, making it impossible to clean the outside windows. Sure, these will be cleaned by the landlord at some point, but wouldn’t it be cool to just be able to clean them anytime?

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Dyson DC31: Lets Men Vacuum Clean With Power

070109_rg_dc31_01.jpgGetting your SO to do a bit of cleaning around the house can be sometimes problematic. In essence, that’s the reasoning behind the Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners. They give a lot of manly attributes to vacuum cleaners so that male sensibilities aren’t upset when we start doing a bit of cleaning, using no less than the world’s fastest motor to suck up all of the grime and dust.

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Strange Japanese Cleaning Bot: Eerily Cleaning Your Pad

050809_rg_fukitorimoshi_cleaning_bot_01.jpgIs your pad kind of filthy? Do you hate cleaning? Well then maybe you should get a cleaning robot. These kinds of devices aren’t new, but they are popping up all over the place. The latest we’ve seen is a Japanese model covered in some strange cloth. It looks eerie, but it apparently does its job pretty well. Is this something that you’d consider for your home? Find out after the jump!