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Japanese HAL Robo-Suit Exoskeleton to Carry Disabled Man Up Mountain

This robotic exoskeleton, like most exoskeletons, can give anyone who wears it a lot of extra strength. Enough strength to carry a paralyzed man up a mountain. At least that’s what’s going to happen with this particular suit.

robo suit hal hybrid assisted limb exoskeleton japanese robots

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NYT Buries Story about Secret Underground Climbing Lair

Apparently, there is a secret underground climbing lair somewhere in Brooklyn. The NYT just redacted a story they did on it. Here is the Google cache on the deleted story. Here are the reasons why they unpublished the story.

Zamberlan Boots

Staying Warm In Cold Weather

Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht on how to stay warm in cold climates and cold weather hikes. (see pdf as html)

Cold Weather Clothing Issued For Antarctica

Cold weather clothing issued for Nasa people working in the Antarctic.

Alain Robert Scales Buildings With His Bare Hands

Alain Robert scales buildings with his bare hands.

Architecture Of Ascent

A review of the ascent tents that are available for alpine climbers. I didn’t know they existed.

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