Space Timeders iOS Clock App and Game: Shoot Some Aliens in Bed

Space Invaders never seems to get old, as proven by this clock app and game for iOS devices. Space Timeders will let you waste good time before going to bed. The game is fun and the idea is pretty cool.

space timeders

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Lineær Clock Design: Time on the Line

Everyone knows that time is supposed to be linear (at least the way that we experience it), but our usual representation is circular, since the watch face and clock face were designed for the convenience of returning their hands to the 12 o’clock position, not necessarily usability. This clock takes time and represents it in a more linear fashion with a minimal facade which conceals a rotating scroll that indicates the time.

linear clock design 01

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3 Surefire Alarm Clocks For the Perpetually Late

021712_rg_SurefireWaysGetUp_01.jpgIf you’re like us, you’ve probably struggled with getting out of bed on time without pressing the snooze button, which we find quite insidious, as very few of us make rational decisions a few seconds after their morning alarm sounds. Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you’ll always be up once that pesky alarm sounds.


LEXON Prism Series Clocks and Speakers: Resistance is Futile

Despite their simplicity, cubes are still one of the coolest shapes for gadgets – especially when they look like they’re melting into your desk. These cubic speakers and clocks remind me of the awe-inspiring Borg Cube from Star Trek: The Next Generation – only much smaller. Whatever these cubes remind you of, they are certainly stylish and distinctive.

lexon prism joe doucet 01

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Nooka App for iOS: The 99 Cent Nooka Watch

Clock apps for iOS are nothing new, but the unique style of Nooka watches allows their new app to showcase how you can tell time on a number of different Nooka products. The Nooka app displays time in a variety of face designs, including Nooka’s zot, zenh or zirc face modes.

nooka watch app 1

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Edifier Tick Tock Alarm Clock & iPhone Dock: Don’t Throw It to Snooze!

The world has way more iPhone docks than it knows to do with, but there are always some that manage to set themselves apart from the rest, even if you don’t actually need another one. This particular one tries to merge the design elements of a classic alarm clock with that of a dock. I have to say that it doesn’t look bad, especially given the price.

edifier tick tock clock alarm dock iphone ipod

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Geneva Lab Sound System XS: Retro Clamshell Alarm Clock Speaker

Geneva Lab has just revealed their new Sound System XS, a portable/travel-sized speaker that looks like a retro clamshell alarm clock. This little guy is Bluetooth-compatible, so you’ll be able to send your tunes to it wirelessly.

geneva lab sound systems xs clamshell retro speaker bluetooth portable

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Study of Time Clock: LEDs and Shadows Tell Time

Did you ever think that a modern clock would use shadows to tell the time? This timepiece reminds me of sundials, but it’s definitely the high-tech version, using a plethora of LED lights to showcase the time. rAndom International‘s Study of Time #1 is based on some scenography that they did for a contemporary dance piece for Wayne McGregor and Random Dance.

random international study in time art installation contemporary timepiece

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Datamatrix QR Code Clock Helps Robots Tell Time

This clock wasn’t just designed for people to scan with their cellphones, it was actually made for robots, who could easily scan the time with their computer vision. Robots or not, it’s an interesting concept to integrate QR codes into a clock.

barcode datamatrix qr code clock robots

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QLOCKTWO Touch Verbal Alarm Clock: Wake Up With the Words

A while ago, we reported about the QLOCKTWO, a stylish wall clock that used words instead of numbers to show the time. It was somewhat of a big clock, and it was also quite expensive (~$1,100), which is why I kind of like this new, smaller desktop version. This model is is the QLOCKTWO Touch and it’s touch-sensitive and comes packed with LEDs.

qlocktwo touch wall clock biegert funk design words alarm

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