Big Time Table


Everyone loves over-sized digital clocks. The Big Time table takes this basic premise to a whole new level. A $43150 level, to be more precise. Designer Lee J Rowland came up with the idea and Goldstriker plated it with 24ct gold.

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Wood LED Clock


The Wood LED Clock designed by Kouji Iwasaki takes the wood theme even further. We have seen wood used in similar fashion, but never like this. Wood was used as a case with the Furni Knox alarm clock.

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Cathode Ray Tube Clock


The Scope Clock brings the retro back into retro chic, all with cathode ray tube goodness. The Scope Clock was designed by David Forbes and embodies the retro-chicness of gadgets. This clock is actually a cathode ray tube encased in 3/8″ acrylic case. It comes with GPS time and the ability to display digital or analog clock faces.

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Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock


Bedol has created a great way of tracking the time, in an eco-friendly way, without using any batteries. The clock is powered by water and salt alone. Even though this might sound far fetched, it’s a simple matter of science. Electrodes harvest the energy from the water…

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