Bodey’s Computer-less Computer Desk

061411_rg_ComputerCloset_02.jpgIf you’re running out of space for your desktop, or you simply would like to have a cleaner workstation, here’s an idea that might work for you if your desk is positioned near a closet or storage space: store your computer hidden away and run the cables/wires through the wall!

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Easily Renovate Your Closet Home Office

041210_rg_ClosetHomeOffice_01.jpgWe really love closet home offices. If you don’t have enough space to dedicate a full room to a home office, making a closet home office is the way to go. The trouble is that it’s not that easy to come up with a closet home office that looks good. That’s why we really like the idea of renovating closet home offices. Take a look at these before and after shots. You just can’t compare!

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Green Idea The Cassette Tape Closet: A Great Way To Recycle Old Media

What do you do with all of your old cassette tapes? Throw them out, recycle them or reuse them? There are multiple ways of doing either though, and most of the time, old cassette tapes just get tossed into the trash bin. Well the Dutch designer Patrick Schuur decided to reuse old cassette tapes instead. In fact, he used a total of 918 tapes to build a cassette tape closet.