Case Cord iPhone Case for Gadget Fashionistas

Ever wanted to match your iPhone’s case with your wardrobe? I actually know a lot of people who do this, and this case takes the possible customization a bit further. At the end, it will match your clothes, but you most probably will have to sacrifice some of your old clothes to make it happen.

case cord iphone clothes backplate

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Star Wars Designer Duds By John Woo: Fashion Strikes Back

I really enjoy these wacky portraits by created by John Woo, showing off what Star Wars characters might look like if they wore designer clothes. Why? Why the heck not?

star wars john woo fashion fun

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Tweet Sleeve: Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve

I think social networking is sometimes like over-sharing. Really, do you really need to share every little insignificant detail of your life with the entire universe? Now here’s something that reveals even more about your inconsequential tweets – clothes that tell the whole world how you feel!


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Detectair: Clothes That Detect Air Pollution

These are the clothes of the future: smart-clothes. I can’t wait for these to be actually produced. Detectair is a fashion project by Genevieve Mateyko and Pamela Troyer. Their unusual clothes detect the pollution level in the air.

geek wair air quality fashion detectair

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Love Hate T-shirt

I love the design and idea behind the ambigramic t-shirt. It says “hate” if you look at it. If you look at its reflection, it says love. (via swissmiss)

Cold Weather Clothing Update

Temperatures hit a low of around -22 C.

I love how the weather sites say that “Oh, BTW it’s only -15, but it feels like -25 C due to the wind chill factor!”. Some people say that the wind chill factor doesn’t matter. It does matter because there is always a part of you that is exposed to it. Unless you wear a balaclava and goggles, you are going to get chilled by the wind. Thankfully almost all of my body is well hidden behind a layering system.

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