Pros and Cons: 5 Cloud Storage Options

cloud storage 101212.jpgIf you’re looking for a secure way of storing your data offsite, cloud storage is your best bet. These services allow users to store massive amounts of data online, and easily access the data from anywhere. Some services are very easy to use, while others are less user-friendly. Here, we weigh the pros and cons of 5 different options.


Amazon Glacier: Super Slow Archiving Storage

If you’ve got massive amounts of historical data to backup and have had trouble finding a low cost storage solution, then you should check out Amazon Glacier.

amazon glacier storage vault

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Acer Cloudmobile Smartphone: Android Livin’ in the Cloud

Have you ever wanted a phone that would allow you to easily access your files stored at home directly on your smartphone, without too much of a hassle? The new Acer Cloudmobile might be the phone that you’re looking for, since it will be able to do so.

Acer cloudmobile smartphone 02

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Best Ways of Creating Computer Backups

111210_rg_ComputerBackups_01.jpgYou know that it’s happened to you at some point in time. One of the hard drives in your computer fails and you’re left with a completely fried hard drive, with no possible way of retrieving the data that was stored on it. We’ve all been there. So what can you do to avoid this situation? Read on to find out more.

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Google on Yesterday’s 100 min Gmail Outage

Bothered me because I was working and writing at the same time it happened, though it wasn’t really super important. I can imagine that businesses and people relying on Gmail freaking out. I didn’t freak out. I was midway in a conversation with someone. Anyway, here is what Google has to say about it.

Google Docs Can Be Taken Offline

It’s possible now to use Google Docs offline powered by Google Gears.