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Who Pooped Dot Org

Pooping around!

Pooping around!

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Twitter Shuts Down CWalken Account

The Twitter accound Cwalken started by Andrew Simone from Clusterflock was shut down Friday.

Awful Album Covers

Awful album covers. (via cf)

Fiat In Brazil

There is this Fiat car dealership in Brazil that has this most peculiar name. It’s funny in a strange way. (via cf)

Colin McCrae Hommage

Thousands of fans paid hommage to the rally car driver Colin McCrae. If you’re wondering, those are all Subarus… (via clusterflock)

Internet Trolls

A great article over at the NYT Magazine about internet trolling. What are my thoughts? I found it interesting. As much as the souless corporate world exists, the trolls have their goals as well. (via cf)

Adam Sandler’s Talking Goat

I remember listening to the tape when I was a kid. I found it hilarious. Andrew posted a link to a YouTube recording of this skit. NSFW (via cf)

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