Smeg’s Built-In Coffee Machines & Range Hoods

020411_rg_SmegCoffeeHoods_01.jpgWhile Smeg is probably best known for its iconic retro fridges, the Italian company also makes other appliances. We’ve mentioned some of their cookers before, but they also make some built-in coffee machines and glorious range hoods.

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Great New Espresso Machines From Caffitaly

A great coffee machine will help turn any kitchen into a nicer place, thanks to the aroma and the overall look. I find that I tend to hang around more my kitchen when I’m drinking coffee at home. These new espresso machines are definitely good looking and distinctive.

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5 Stylish Espresso Machines & Coffee Makers

While getting a coffee syphon or using that old French press that you’ve got somewhere in your kitchen is probably the best way of infusing coffee, there is something quite sexy and appealing about having a nice, good-looking coffee maker or espresso machine in your kitchen.

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Coffee Machine Uses Fingerprints to Brew Your Java

It’s true that in an office or home setting, where there are many people using the same coffee machine, it would be simpler just to use your fingerprint to make your cup of coffee just the way you like it, especially if the coffee maker has got a lot of custom settings. However, is it worth it?

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Espresso On-The-Go With Stelton’s Espresso Maker

010410_rg_SteltonEspres_01.jpgWe love espressos, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to make them. Sure, it doesn’t take long, but in the mornings, every second counts. You no longer have to worry about this, because Stelton has heard your pain and decided to come up with a portable, battery-powered espresso machine.

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The Best in Coffee & Espresso MachinesBest of 2009

There are so many different kinds of coffee machines on the market right now, especially if you consider espresso machines as well. Sure, a French press is great to make your own espresso, but sometimes you want something quicker and more convenient. That’s why we decided to put together our favorite coffee and espresso machines of 2009. Read on to find out our favorites for this year.

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Espressos Made Easy With These Two Great New Machines

Espressos are an acquired taste, but once you start drinking them, it’s hard to stop. There’s no better way than making these at home.

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