MANUAL Coffeemaker: Coffee Has Never Been This Minimal

Most days, I make my daily java using a stove-top espresso maker. They make coffee quite quickly, and I don’t have to surveil it while it’s working, so I can do some other tasks at the same time. This coffeemaker is very minimal. You don’t need much to make your own cup, almost anywhere.

manual coffeemaker berman craighton

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Dolce Gusto: Beautifully Designed One-Cup Coffee Machine

101409_rg_dolcegusto_01.jpgNot everyone wants to drink a whole coffee pot. In fact, most people barely have time to drink one cup of coffee before they have to go. We know that it’s like that for us, so we suppose that a lot of people are in that same situation.

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Using A Coffeemaker To Cook

082709_rg_chickencof_01.jpgCooking without appliances is one thing, but we never imagined using a coffeemaker for anything else but making coffee. But apparently you can do loads of things with it, like poaching chicken with couscous. We’re actually quite serious, but even to the most accepting, this sounds like a ludicrous claim…

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