Voxel-Like Coke Man Constructed For the World Cup

While World Cup mania has started gripping the world, I’m amazed at this Coke Man that was constructed in Johannesburg recently to celebrate the World Cup. The blocky design makes it look like voxels, which are basically pixels shown in 3D space.

coke man coca cola world cup voxel

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Look! Coke Robots Invade Japan Bow Down To Your New Masters

031809_rg_cokerobots_01.jpgThings are definitely looking up when you see that robots have started invading Japan. First, there were kids being taught by humanoid looking robots in class, and now there are these Coke Robots desperate for you to buy some Coke! I think that most people like robots, however this robot suit must have been pretty hot for the guy running around in it. Think again! These are actually walking coke dispensers! Now, how cool is that?