Staying Warm In Cold Weather

Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht on how to stay warm in cold climates and cold weather hikes. (see pdf as html)

A Morning Full Of Bus Stories

So I woke up this morning to -33 C weather. The cold doesn’t really bother me. I actually like it. There is a tartness in the air that I appreciate, especially having missed a winter while I was in Taiwan.

I added another layer on my body to keep things warm.

Since I missed the bus yesterday, I was at the bus stop a few minutes in advance just to make sure that I wouldn’t miss it. If I miss the boss, I walk 5 minutes to the metrobus bus stop. A metrobus comes by every 7 minutes. It’s not so bad, but it’s annoying. It might sound annoying, but it isn’t that bad. It just makes me walk more. I’ve lost about 15lbs.

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Cold Weather Clothing Update

Temperatures hit a low of around -22 C.

I love how the weather sites say that “Oh, BTW it’s only -15, but it feels like -25 C due to the wind chill factor!”. Some people say that the wind chill factor doesn’t matter. It does matter because there is always a part of you that is exposed to it. Unless you wear a balaclava and goggles, you are going to get chilled by the wind. Thankfully almost all of my body is well hidden behind a layering system.

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Expedition Quebec Gear

I bought these boots today. They are listed at $219.99US. I got them in Taiwan for $181US. They are the Zamberlan Master GT RR. Don’t worry, I didn’t get the green ones. I got the light blue/gray ones. I went to the camping stores on ZhongShan N. Rd. Take exit 7 from Taipei Main Station to find them. They are all stacked in a row. I was pretty happy to find out that they had my size. I got EU46/US11 size shoes. They fit like a glove and I got them just a little big so that I could fit all my socks on later.

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