Brrr! Space Heaters for Rooms Small, Medium, and Large

111612_rg_SpaceHeater_01.jpgIt’s definitely getting chilly, which means time to bring out the blankets and turn on the heater. However, whether it’s due to spotty building heating or trying to be a bit more frugal with the monthly power bill, a space heater can be not only the more energy efficient option, but the faster way to warm up a room…

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Practicing Meditation or Exercising Will Make You Sick Less Often


In order to avoid getting a cold, people can try to meditate or exercise. A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that adults who practiced mindful meditation or moderately intense exercise for eight weeks suffered less from season ailments during the following winter than those who didn’t do either.

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Low-Tech Brain Hacks to Wake Up Fully in the Morning

wake3912.jpgMost of us have to wake up in the mornings to get to our jobs. As painful as it is, it’s just something that almost everyone has to deal with. That being said, there are a couple of easy ways of making this easier on your brain, which can be especially foggy right after being torn from deep slumber. More

ChiliBed Mattress Heats & Cools Your Bed

020310_rg_ChiliBed_01.jpgThese days, when we get into bed, we’re most definitely chilly. Depending on where you’re located, it can be frisky to downright frigid. Thankfully, the ChiliBed will heat up matters.

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Electrolux Cold Water Washing Machine Saves You Money

012710_rg_ElectroluxCold_02.jpgWhat if you could clean your clothes thoroughly without using the hot water cycles on your washing machine? Well Electrolux came up with a washing machine that does exactly that, cleaning all of your clothes without ever needing any hot water.

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Frigid Tuesday

I don’t know how cold it actually was, but it must have been around -33C this morning. It was warmer in the afternoon, thanks to the sun, but it got windy. It was cold enough for me to drop by my place to pick up another scarf and change into my cold weather gloves

I wore three scarves today.

One is a thin black one my wife gave me. It’s quite long, so I can wear it around my neck like a tie at all times. Well, most of the time at least. My other scarf is a polartec scarf that does well in any weather. If these two neck layers don’t work, coupled with my Thermal Pro polartec fleece and my Arc’Teryx Alpha SV jacket, I put on another scarf, a thick woolen one that goes around the neckline of my coat. It felt nice and snug.

Today, I had only two hours of classes, but I worked three. I still have another article to write before I’ll start working on some HW. I’m glad that I’m not working or have to go to school on Thursday. I’ll use the day to catch up in my HW in all of my other classes. By Friday, I should be almost up to date.

-18C Feels Like -30C

Speaks for itself
Speaks for itself

Crazy cold weather this morning. I only had one tuque, a light pair of gloves, and one scarf. I needed two tuques, heavy-duty cold weather gloves and two scarves. My hands and face were the most affected. A thin layer of Thinsulate gloves on my hands wasn’t enough to keep the cold at bay. Luckily, I’m well stocked up on winter supplies and the ’09 Arc’Teryx Alpha SV is performing well. All that I really need is a polar jacket that fits more snugly.

It was cold. Damn cold this morning.

Sick As A Dog

Well, not really, but I’ve got a cold.

I had a little test today. It went well, but I made a few little mistakes. I’ve been feeling too sick to run, ever since Sunday. Today when I came home, I went to bed. Four hours later, I got up. When I went to bed, I had a headache and a nech ache. A few hours later, I’m feeling better. Still, my nose is clogged and I’ve got a cold. I’m hoping that the worst of it is done.

I was supposed to go running today with some friends, but the fever made me decide to stick with my bed. I’m checking into joining a triathlon or cross-country club at my school. Triathlon training would get me to cross train a lot. It’s a committment though, at least 10-12 hours of training a week. Still, it’s a challenge that I’d like to take up.

I’m currently in talks with the program director to see how it would fit into my busy schedule. I’m still pretty happy with my last run. The time I took was really great. I’ve improved my time by almost 10 minutes for running 10km, if not more. By extrapolating my time from the 9.2 km that I ran to 10 km, it would be around 51:53. That’s ok, but I’d be happier with about 40-45 minutes. That would be fast.

Once I have a Garmin Forerunner 405, it’ll be easier to adjust my pace on the fly, instead afterward.

What To Wear To Run

I found this great little tool on Runner’s World to tell me what to wear when running. Why do I need this? I’ve been running all summer in Taiwan at 30-35C (86-95F). Tomorrow morning, it’s going to be 10C (50F). I was curious to see if I should change my gear. Turns out that no, I don’t need to add any layers. I might just wear one extra layer on my chest.

Shitty Weather

Well, it wasn’t that bad, but still a tad annoying.

It started raining today. The snow is melting, but the sidewalks are a disaster. Thankfully my Zamberlan Master GT RR boots are weatherproof and have GoreTex. I could step in a deep puddle and not feel wet. My pants aren’t as weather proof. I’ve started wearing cords because of the mild weather that we’ve been having recently.

My Arc’teryx Alpha LT Pro Shell had no problems. When I arrived home during one of my breaks, I used thick plastic bags to quickly make my GoLite Jam backpack weather proof. The slushy weather made me want to run. I kept my eyes on the sidewalks and the puddles at all times. Things will not be pretty tomorrow when it all freezes over.

The thing is that the weather was so damp that it chilled you to the bone if you weren’t wearing proper clothing.