Zelda and Peach Catch Up

What would Zelda and Peach talk about if they got together for a cup of coffee? Well, College Humor decided to see where this would go. It’s probably best that these two video game characters don’t come out and play too often. They’d get annoying pretty quickly.

peach zelda video catch up game mario link

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Useful Apps Someone Should Make

There are a million apps out there, but none of the do exactly what you want. Take a look at these ideas from College Humor and tell us what you think. All in all, the ex-girlfriend finder looks pretty promising!

funny apps iphone apple useful

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super mario sex tape (slightly nsfw)

Even though this clip is an oldie, it is a goodie. After finding out what Mario looks like naked, I guess the next step is finding out what happens when he visits Princess Peach.

super mario sex tape princess video games nintendo

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When Darth Vader Takes A Penalty Kick…

… you don’t want to be on the opposing team. Since Darth Vader specializes in aggressive use of the Force, and isn’t afraid to use it for that purpose, he can just do about anything he pleases with a flimsy soccer ball.

darth vader penalty kick college humor force star wars

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