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Milky Way-Andromeda Collision on Course in 4 Billion Years


It’s been known for years that the Andromeda galaxy would collide with the Milky Way, two of the largest galaxies in the Local Group, in about 4 billion years. However, because of stellar distances, it’s a good probability that a lot of the stars will remain intact in the tumultuous merging. The Solar System would probably get pushed to the outskirts of the newly merged galaxy.

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Dark Matter in Form of WIMPs Hits Humans Once a Minute


New calculations have shown that the average human gets hit by a particle of dark matter about once a minute. Dark matter, which is supposed to make up about 80% of the matter in the Universe, hasn’t been directly observed, but scientists have seen its apparent gravitational effect on galaxies and even larger galaxy clusters.

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Ancient Galactic Collision Created Stellar Swirls of NGC 5907


New astronomical simulations suggest that the enormous swirls of stars surrounding the NGC 5907 galaxy, located 50 million light-years away, in the constellation Draco, were formed when two equal-sized galaxies collided 8 or 9 billion years ago. The research was published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics by Wang et al.

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Bus-Sized Asteroid Barely Misses Earth


An asteroid about the size of a bus shaved by Earth in what’s been described as a near miss. However, experts weren’t concerned that it might have impacted. This isn’t uncommon and these types of asteroids are hard to see except when they come quite close to Earth.

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Our Universe Collided with Another Billions of Years Ago, Stephen Hawking States

Universe Collide

While it’s a well-known fact that there’s an upcoming Andromeda-Milky Way collision in 3 to 5 billion years, Stephen Hawking has stated that we should look to a collision between universes in the distant past of our own universe for explanations of why physical constants seem so fine-tuned to the values required for life to exist.

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