Common Pesticides Are Severely Affecting Bees


Bees are the world’s most important pollinator, and without them the planet would quickly go hungry. All of over the world, their populations are quickly decreasing, and scientists are trying to find out why. With the widely reported Colony Collapse Disorder, which was due to a disease, finally ebbing down, new research indicates that pesticides are also to blame.

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Entomologists Recreate Colony Collapse Disorder That Affects Bee Populations Worldwide


At the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), scientists have been trying to recreate the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder that has been affecting bee populations worldwide. CCD is yet largely unexplained and millions of bees were lost in recent years. Bees are a very important part of the pollination process in crops worldwide.

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Root Cause of Colony Collapse Disorder

There have been reports that the root cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, which has been affecting North American bees since 2006 is tied to the fact that the bees immune system gets weaker if they feed on only one type of pollen at a time. The vast monocultures are to blame.

I’ve written about CCD before. A lot of people aren’t aware how dangerous the situation could get. If the bees die off, we lose the ability to farm enough food for the earth’s population. The bees are responsible for pollinating the vast monocultures of crops that are prevalent in farming today.