The 1:Face Watch: Support a Good Cause While Telling the Time

You’ve probably seen people with rubber-band-like bracelets advocating one cause or another, but if you’re like me, you’d appreciate something a little more functional. The 1:Face Watch supports a variety of causes and lets you tell the time at the same time.

face watch indiegogo project

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Moshi iGlaze Case for MacBook Air Lets You Change Colors Without a Paintjob

While I’m fine with the aluminum finish of my MacBook Pro, there are others who just long for the look of the old plastic MacBook again. Well instead, you can now customize the look of your MacBook Air by getting the Moshi iGlaze, which will change the color of your Mac to a nice retro white or black.

moshi iglaze black

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TARDIS Gadget Skins: Doctor Who Approves

Have you ever wanted to make your mobile device look like a TARDIS? Well, now you can cloak all of your gear in some Doctor Who goodness.

Amazon Kindle TARDIS Doctor Who Cover 01

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Pantone Rubik’s Cube: Easier on the Eyes, Harder to Solve

I’ve known people who love playing with their Rubik’s cubes, and others, usually kids, who just take off the stickers and stick them on again. However, this has to be one of the most stylish Rubik’s cubes out there, and it’s appropriately called Rubitone, since it’s covered with Pantone colors.

rubitone pantone rubik's cube puzzle game ignacio pilotto

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Color App: Doomed to Failure While Costing Millions

Nice write-up in the NYT about the Color App that’s being doing badly it seems. They raised 41 million in VC capital before releasing their app, which failed miserably. It’s a stark contrast to Instagram, which started with a few employees and $500,000.

New Tablets & eReaders Start to Appear, Still Relevant?


Yes, we know that you love your iPad, but for some users, the iPad wasn’t really the perfect fit, which is why we’ve been anticipating a slew of new tablets from different manufacturers. Everyone from Asus, to Barnes & Noble, to HP seems to be jumping into the fray. Should you care?

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Game Boy Color iPhone 4 Decal: Nintendophone

Are you looking for a unique decal? Take a look at this Game Boy Color iPhone 4 decal that will make the back of your precious iPhone look almost like a classic Game Boy.

game boy color decal iphone 4 sticker apple

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A Colnago Misadventure

The following testimonial of a Colnago frame buyer makes me weary of ordering a frame from a factory. I’ve long had the policy of only buying what I can see and inspect. This isn’t true for smaller items, but it is true for a bicycle frame. I’d rather inspect and touch it before I fork over a lot of money.

Sounds Of Black And White

The Gap enlisted the Blind team to create a video for The Raveonettes’ song Black and White. It’s very cool. (via cpuluv)