Comfort Cast Makes Broken Arms Look Almost Desireable

Whenever you have a broken limb, life can get quite difficult. There aren’t plenty of ways that you can make it better, however, sticking a screen on it and completely modernizing is something I hadn’t thought about before now.

comfort cast kyuho song broken limb

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Hot Tub Boats: Because Hot Tug Boats Just Sounded Wrong

While they’re not capable of moving you through space and time like a Hot Tub Time Machine, these Hot Tub Boats can at least transport you through water – because why bother swimming, when your boat can do it for you?

hot tub boat seattle ship pleasure craft full

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Hacking the Jawbone UP For Rubber-Less Comfort

112511_rg_JawboneUPHack_01.jpgThe Jawbone UP was recently released, and many of us have a need for a device like this. While it’s not the first of its kind, it’s quite convenient to use and it looks quite fetching, which is probably why it’s doing so well. The one thing that we’ve noticed is that it could be more comfortable. Here’s how you can make yours a lot more comfortable.

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August: Most Popular Tech As Comfort Best of 2009

122809_rg_AugstTechCom_01.jpg 12-13-best2009.jpg1 TV Tub: The Only Great Way Of Watching TV In The Bathroom 2 8 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable 3 Kitchen Counter Built With Computing In Mind 4 Bluetooth Enabled Lamp Brings Customized Color Therapy

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