XKCD Click & Drag

Click & drag the last panel. It’s supposed to measure about 46 feet in length.

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Robocop’s Anatomy: Not A Lot of Meat, But A Lot of Robot

Ah, Robocop. Needless to say that I’ve watched the movie quite a few times and I found it interesting to see that someone had done an illustration of what the insides of Robocop might actually look like.

robocop anatomy comic movie retro

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Wookiee the Chew

These super-cute images of our favorite characters from Star Wars were created by James Hance. Why are they so cute? Well, Hance re-imagines Han Solo as Christopher Robin, Chewbacca as Pooh Bear, R2D2 as Piglet, and an AT-AT as Eeyore.

james hance wookiee the chew winnie the pooh star wars han solo

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The Real Reason the White iPhone 4 Is Delayed: Underpants Gnomes?

I now know the real reason why the white iPhone 4 has been delayed: it’s either the mythical underpants gnomes from South Park or the teeny weeny white supremacists that have decided to mess with Apple’s production schedule!

apple iphone white fun humour joy of tech webcomic

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