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Scientific Study Proves Blogging Therapeutic for Teens


Over the recent years, with the boom in texting and online social networks, teenagers have been developing new ways of dealing with their emotional problems. A new study has shown that there is a therapeutic value in blogging. While many people see writing as a form of therapy, the study highlighted the issue faced by teens.

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My Comment on MacBook Pro Reviews

My comment on an Engadget review of the new MacBook Pro:

Also, lower battery life bc of the new proc and specs. One of the reasons my late 2010 MBP 17 is fine. I can get anywhere between 10 to 14 hours of battery life, with the brightness to the max since my daily tasks involve writing, photo editing, and browsing. I didn’t install Flash and just to be safe, use a Flash blocker as well.

Yes, quad-core processors are a lot more performing, but the average user doesn’t need them. I was pretty sure that Apple wouldn’t make any significant changes to the MBP. By this, I mean that the unibody is the same and the lower-end models are almost the same. They have bumped specs, but the really big update will come when Apple redoes the MBP in 2012. Dual HDs, maybe lower-cost SSD, with a thinner body and no optical drives with longer battery life. That’s what I want.

Comments On The Memoirs

Sorry for not noticing, but by default there was an option checked in the General Options tab that I didn’t want checked. Users had to be members of the blog to comment. Since I am the only member, that didn’t really work out. I just fixed it and tested it out. People should be able to comment freely again. Sorry about that.


If you enjoy reading Violent Acres as much as I do, you can comment easily on since VA doesn’t allow comments directly.

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