Encoded Photons Using Quantum Cryptography Sent a Record Distance


Quantum encryption systems, which encode signals into a series of single photons, have had trouble sending them along optical fibers. Until now, it has been unfeasible to piggyback these photons onto existing telecommunications lines. Now using a technique for detecting dim light signals, physicists have enabled the transmission of a quantum key along 90 km of noisy optical fiber.

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Helios iPhone Telepresence Robot: Small, Cheap & Available Soon

Telepresence robots seem to be something that some people are starting to look at, and that’s one of the reasons why two Princeton students, Tianlong Wang and Xinyi Chen created the Helios robot. It turns your smartphone into a mobile telepresence rig for far less than other solutions.

helios telepresence robot iphone

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The Totem Pole of Communication

Totem pole

Like many viewers, who saw HBO’s Girls last week, one of the most intriguing parts of the show was when a girl instructed her friend on the totem pole of chat. That term has been in my mind for the last week or so and I’ve spent time thinking about the idea. In our modern connected society, communication has evolved significantly, which is something that a lot of people have trouble grasping. It’s no longer the difference between snail mail and email, but the vast different ways that people of all ages communicate these days, from texts, messaging systems, and life streams.

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MIT’s MeBot Is Telepresence At Its Best?

Telepresence is going to be huge someday. It looks like MIT’s MeBot is the latest in telepresence robotics, which allows you to feel more like the person you are talking to is in the same room as you – assuming the person on the other end of the line looks like a robot.

mebot robot telepresence mit

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