Shit I Saw on my Way to Work This Week

New work is a bit further away than old work, but it’s still within 10-15 minutes of my house by scooter. However, there is a lot more traffic and I get to see some crazy stuff on my way there.

  • An accident between a scooter and a Mini. The scooter driver had a baby with her and she was fine, but it looked bad overall
  • A truck transporting natural gas containers with one that started spewing the gas loudly

Keeping Your Precious Tech Dry In Torrential Downpours

102510_rg_KeepTechDry_01.jpgWhen you lug around your tech daily, it’s safe to say that at some point in time, you’ll be carrying it while it rains. There are good ways and bad ways to keep your tech dry, and here are a few ideas that we’ve come up with that we’ve been using for a while. Read on to find out more.

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