Relationships of Male Dolphins from Shark Bay Determined by Slow Swimming


In Shark Bay, Australia, the male dolphins are well known to marine biologists for their messy social entanglements. These relationships are so unique, that they’re more like intricate webs of the way that the Cosa Nostra and the Mafia work than the typically vertical hierarchies of chimpanzees. A team of scientists argues in a recent article, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, that this social system is unique among mammals.

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Ditch the Minimal and Go Maximum On Your Desktop!

Desktop wallpapers are one of the simplest ways of giving your computer a visual refresh without spending a cent. While we’ll always like minimal desktops sometimes we’re looking to add a bit of complexity and chaos (just not with our icons), especially with fractal and 3D render desktop wallpapers…

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