Confessions of a Hipster

I’m a purist when it comes to Helvetica, and I just felt sick when I realized that I was typing in Arial.

My life is beyond your comprehension.

Confessions On The Storytree

My roommate is a smoker. I barely notice. He smokes a lot less than before. I’ve known my roommate for over 15 years, which is surprising to say the least that we happened to be rooming together for the last few months.

This made me think about other roommate smokers, some of them weren’t as careful as my present one. During my first semester at Sherbrooke University in 1995, I stayed in the dorms. Since I was an undergrad, I was bunking with someone in a double. It wasn’t the best arrangement, since he was a bit strange. Really strange. He was from the Maritimes, but his strange acts are another story.

The next semester, I was off on a paid internship for an aluminum smelter near Quebec. The following semester, I decided to rent a place extremely close to the university with one of my good friends named Ken. He’s an anglophone and in engineering and we got along well together. We signed a one year lease. The big perk was that the apartment was actually closer to my faculty building than the school dorms.

Amazing. It was called Le Montagnais.

Ken was a smoker, but he never smoked inside. He always smoked outside. I was a non-smoker and absolutely abhorred smoking. I hated smelling smoke on my clothes. But we had clear rules for our guests. There were numerous adventures during out stay there.

I was at the apartment off and on since every four months, I had another paid internship. As with all roommate situations, there was also the switching of the rooms which was important to us. One room was a big room. The other room was smaller. We switched periodically. This was common sense.

From time to time, Ken would also get to leave on paid internships. This was what our university was well-known for. I don’t know if this was good or bad, since a lot of undergrads decided to leave before they finished school when they got job offers from the places where they completed their internships. The most coveted internships were at Softimage, a special effects house in Montreal, and in Japan.

It had always been my goal to try and go to Japan on an internship, but things changed as time passed. My interest in Computer Science was stifled when I had my first Machine programming class. Lisp didn’t really help matters either. I changed majors and started in Mathematics, a subject which I had always loved and initially wanted to pursue but didn’t since I thought that there weren’t that many jobs in that field.

It was the duty of the leaving roommate to find a replacement roommate for the apartment. I remember clearly that once I had trouble finding one. I don’t remember when it was, but the only person that I could find was a hard-core smoker, who smoked everyday and he had told us that he would smoke inside. I had put him on my very short list since it was hard finding someone else. In the end, I didn’t find anyone else. So hard-core smoker became Ken’s roommate. Ken wasn’t happy, but there was nothing I could do. The only other option was for me to continue paying half of the rent, while I paid my own rent in Montreal. That didn’t really work.

So the hard-core smoker moved in and Ken told me that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Then again, Ken was also a smoker so it must not have been that bad.