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Slingbox 350 & 500: Content Place-shifting Gets a 1080p Upgrade

There are plenty of apps that allow you access to some of your content when you’re away from home, but what if you want to access all of it at the same time? The new Slingboxes might fit the bill, since they will allow you to do that.


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Would I Pay For Online Content?

My comment on a Lifehacker poll. Would you pay for online content? Or do you already pay for it?

I went completely digital back in 2005. I have spent over $20,000 on CDs, DVDs, and vinyls― I was a hard techno/minimal techno DJ. I no longer pay for cable, nor video rentals, nor would I pay for any kind of content anymore. I don’t have a TV, only a big computer screen. Like the hacker mantra, information is supposed to be free. It’s up to the companies to find new ways of leveraging their readers. Usually, when I hit a pay wall, I stop clicking on articles to that source, the WSJ is among them. I signed up for the NYT as it’s one of the best papers and I really like the online version, though I don’t pay for it.

What do I pay for? Books. I spend hundreds of dollars a year on books. Books are great. I love them. I always have one on me and read in the lost moments of the day. I’ve never liked ebooks and don’t plan on getting an ebook reader anytime soon. The technology is too new and riddled with faults. I also rarely go to the movies. In fact, I’ve probably stopped going altogether. I used to go almost every week a few years ago. I used to spend a lot of money on DVD rentals. I don’t anymore.

Back in 2005, I was paying between $50-400 a month on my cell phone bill. It’s because I worked in finance and needed to talk to clients and employees. Right now, I spend about $30 a year on my cell phone. I bought a SonyEricsson Cyber-Shot K810i in 2007. I rarely get any calls, and it’s usually to do with work.

Voices On Shyftr

Shyftr is a service that aggregates different types of feeds. The main difference from other such types of services, is that it enables users to comment on those feed items away from where it originally came. Kind of like if you could post your comments directly through Google Reader, without posting them on the original blog or site.

Who owns this post? Are pageviews still relevant? Should blog content creators be upset? Is Shyftr crossing the line? Let it all just go?

The good, the bad and the quite ugly news of Shyftr.

The name of the service is quite appropriate. It shifts your audience away from your blog. Über bloggers don’t really care and are quick to dismiss it, but what about the little guys who aren’t yet making 6 or 7 figure salaries?

I don’t like Shyftr.

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