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  • Destiny 2 & The Lull Between Seasons

    I wasn’t too impressed with the seasonal storyline so far in Lightfall. The activity is fine, but once you get all of your patterns, triumphs, and engrams, I don’t really see a reason to run this variation of battlegrounds.

  • Slingbox 350 & 500: Content Place-shifting Gets a 1080p Upgrade

    There are plenty of apps that allow you access to some of your content when you’re away from home, but what if you want to access all of it at the same time? The new Slingboxes might fit the bill, since they will allow you to do that.   Read more @ Technabob

  • Would I Pay For Online Content?

    My comment on a Lifehacker poll. Would you pay for online content? Or do you already pay for it? I went completely digital back in 2005. I have spent over $20,000 on CDs, DVDs, and vinyls― I was a hard techno/minimal techno DJ. I no longer pay for cable, nor video rentals, nor would I…

  • Voices On Shyftr

    Shyftr is a service that aggregates different types of feeds. The main difference from other such types of services, is that it enables users to comment on those feed items away from where it originally came. Kind of like if you could post your comments directly through Google Reader, without posting them on the original…