Stone Spray Robot, The In Situ Robotic 3D Printer

The Stone Spray robot was created as a 3D printer to produce architecture out of soil. While technically speaking, this robot wasn’t designed to create art, the results of its efforts and the research project sure look like some interesting sculptural works.

stone spray robot 3d printer architecture beach

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MyndPlay Helps Cool Fiery Tempers Everywhere

The saying goes that cooler heads will prevail, and that is especially true when it comes down to any kind of gaming. No matter how angry or frustrated you get, you always play better calm. The MyndPlay headset will force you to cool down, and has been use as such to staunch unwanted behavior.

myndplay neurosky mind control headset

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MMI Cam: Smartphone Remote Camera is Perfect for on the Fly Surveillance

The MMI Cam is a remote-controlled camera which you can mount just about anywhere and control with your smartphone. It was created by Israeli designer Or Leviteh, and it’s controlled thanks to a bundled smartphone app.


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Water-Skier Controlled Tow Boat for Solo Show-Offs

It’s probably every water-skier’s (wet !) dream to have a remotely operated tow-boat. Although water-skiing normally requires at least two people – one to pilot the boat, and one to be pulled behind it, this thing will tow you around without needing anyone else.


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Remote Controlling Your Home Theater With Style

120209_rg_ThinkFlood_01.jpgThere’s nothing more annoying that being stuck with four or five different remote controls for your home theater system, especially if you have kids around, who tend to like hiding away the batteries of all remotes! Having a universal remote control makes a lot of sense, but there are always compromises with something that sounds like it will do what you desire. Here are our ideas on how you can remote control your home theater.

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