Akai MPC Fly iPad Controller: Turns Your Pad into a Portable Music Production Center

More and more, we’re seeing solutions for electronic musicians who want to take their show on the road without getting too cluttered up. The iPad is one of the most portable computers available right now, and there’s no doubt that performers are happy to turn theirs into a music-making machine.

akai mpc fly ipad controller 1

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Remote Control Shutter Release Made Out of Wii Nunchuk

You probably have one or two extra Wii Nunchuk controllers lying about, or better yet, some cheapo knock-off ones that your friends, family, or kids just chucked around too hard and you no longer use. This was why Duncan Murdock decided to use one of those spare controllers to make a remote shutter control for his new DSLR.

Wii Nunchuk Shutter Release DSLR 01

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Fly Your AR.Drone with a Game Controller and Spy on Neighbors More Precisely

When the Parrot AR.Drone was released, it was supposed to be piloted from an iPhone or Android smartphone. However, that didn’t gel with some users since it’s not as precise as they’d like. Serious AR.Drone geeks have thought about using a game controller from their favorite video game, or even better, a flight-simulator joystick, and have put together various hacks to make this happen.

Drone Station Mac Game Controller Parrot AR 01

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N-Control Avenger Rig for XBox 360 Controllers Gets an Upgrade

N-Control has just released an updated version of their Avenger, an insane-looking Xbox 360 controller rig. Why would you need it? It’s supposed to make gaming a lot easier thanks to its special button extenders.

n-control avenger xbox 360 controller rig gaming video games

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Wii 2 Controller to Have 6.2-inch Touchscreen?

Rumors are flying that a new console from Nintendo will ship in the fall. According to various sources, Wii 2, Wii HD or “Project Cafe” as it’s known by insiders, will have one incredible controller/remote. While I don’t know how accurate this IGN mockup is, the idea of a 6.2-inch diagonal touchscreen with 8 buttons is certainly intriguing.


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Shinobii Wii Ping Pong Paddle: Perfect For Smacking Balls

The Wii has had its share of crazy controllers. This is definitely a strange one: it’s a reproduction of a table tennis paddle. One thing’s for sure, if you love table tennis, then this is the Wii pad for you!

shinobii wii table tennis pad controller

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Exercise Bike Xbox 360 Controller: The Perfect Remedy For Couch Potatoes

If you find that you’ve been playing your Xbox 360 too much and you’re putting on the pounds, well look no further because this is the perfect solution for you: hooking up an exercise bike to your gaming console!

excite bike xbox exercise game video

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