Perfect S’More Maker: Another First World Problem Vanquished

I can’t remember the last time I made some s’mores, but odds are, they weren’t perfect. If you are a S’more connoisseur, then check out the S’more to Love S’More Maker, which will produce perfect S’mores each and every time!

smore to love maker

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Qooq Tablet: Now We’re Qookin with Qrisco!

I’ve always been somewhat perplexed by users having more than one tablet. Still, I have to say that a smaller tablet, perhaps an inch or two smaller than the iPad Mini, could be handy to tote around daily. The oddly-spelled Qooq tablet doesn’t fit that particular bill, instead being designed specifically for kitchen use.

qooq tablet kitchen

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Million-Year-Old Ash in South African Cave Yields Evidence of Cooking


Ash was discovered in a South African cave, and this indicates that humans were cooking with fire one million years ago. This is the earliest use of fire but experts say that more proof is needed to conclude that humans were cooking with fire regularly.

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Cooking with Your MacBook Air: All Warranties Voided

I’m somewhat anal about keeping my MacBook Pro clean and pristine, but that didn’t stop Mochrom from using his MacBook Air to prepare food. He basically uses his MacBook Air as a kitchen knife. What will the Japanese think of next?

mochrom macbook air cooking kitchen knife japan

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Using a Rice Cooker As a Slow Cooker

111710_rg_PotRoastRiceCooker_01.jpgNo matter where you are and what you are doing, there’s always a way to hack something in your kitchen so that you can prepare almost any dish. While a rice cooker isn’t really made to be used as a slow cooker, it can double as one if you don’t have anything else that will do the job.

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Living Without A Microwave: Pros & Cons

It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve had a microwave. I used to use one daily when I was living in North America. My life in Asia doesn’t include a microwave. How does it affect my kitchen? Not much, in all honesty, and here’s why it hasn’t affected how I cook all that much.

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Cheap Food Recipes on Reddit

Pork shoulder, $0.79 a pound

A guy on Reddit has posted these great cheap recipes when someone asked the community what to do with only $13 until his next paycheck. The first part involves rice and beans, on which you can add some fresh tomatoes and plain yogurt (my idea, not his). The broiled pork shoulder looks delish.

The best part isn’t just the recipes, it’s the way that he wrote them:

Throw in one cup of rice, turn the heat down to simmer and lid that shit.

Espressos Made Easy With These Two Great New Machines

Espressos are an acquired taste, but once you start drinking them, it’s hard to stop. There’s no better way than making these at home.

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Bertazzoni Dual Fuel Range: Stylish and Efficient

091409_rg_bertazzoni_01.jpgIf you spend a lot of time over your stove, you might consider getting a dual fuel cooking range instead. Sure, stoves work well, but if you want something that will let you cook for more guests, without remortgaging your house, then Bertazzoni ranges might be for you.

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Using A Coffeemaker To Cook

082709_rg_chickencof_01.jpgCooking without appliances is one thing, but we never imagined using a coffeemaker for anything else but making coffee. But apparently you can do loads of things with it, like poaching chicken with couscous. We’re actually quite serious, but even to the most accepting, this sounds like a ludicrous claim…

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