Sumneeds Line Tail Earphone Winder: Kute Korean Kord Kontrol

I’ve seen a couple of these earphone jack accessories pop up over time, and this one is definitely for those of you who like their smartphone accessories cute, adding tiny animal tails to your phone.

the line tail earphone cord manager

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Affordable Cord and Cable Guidance Solutions

Cables and cords are the bane of any well thought-out home office. Once you start getting some cables mixed up, there’s no way of stopping the dreaded cable squid from appearing under your desk. The best cable management solutions are the ones that are adapted to your own desk and space. Here’s what we found.

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Smart Power Strips to Cut Down On Power

If there’s one thing that we hate, it’s wasting power with vampire transformer sucking in electricity even if devices aren’t plugged in. There’s just a lot of wasted energy, which can be saved if you find a solution to managing your power cords effectively. Here are a few solutions to cut down on those power-sucking cords.

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Boost Your iPhone’s Battery Life With This Simple USB Cord

072909_rg_x1powerusb_01.jpgBeing stuck on the road with no way to charge up your iPhone or iPod can get annoying fast. Thankfully, there are a number of solutions out there than can boost the power of your beloved device. We’ve featured a few, but none of them are as simple as this one. It’s simply a USB cable with a battery pack included. Just plug it in and your device will be powered up.

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Modular Power Sockets: Mix and Match to Create Your Perfect Power Strip

031209_rg_movablepower_01.jpgI think that everyone has the same problem when it comes to power strips. Usually, you never have enough plugs for everything that you want to plug in. So you buy another one to plug it into the first and then on. You end up with a mix of cables and strips that don’t make sense and that are quite literally a mess. Unless you unplug everything, you have to find some way to manage. It’s not always a pretty sight. The Movable Power strip is something new that will actually attempt to deal with your cable mess.