Pioneer’s Cool Cordless Phone for People Who Still Have a Landline…. in Japan

Ah, landlines! Do they still exist? I thought we were in the future already. Well, people might still think that they have landlines, but a lot of users are now happy with their cellphones and VOIP handsets offered by Internet and cable companies instead of Ma Bell.


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Jared’s Über-Clean & Mostly Cordless Workstation

This super clean desktop was created by Jared Schmidt and he was able to get rid of most of the pesky wires. His desk also has this dramatic lighting, which is really interesting and gives the whole workstation a nice diffuse glow. How was it done? Read more to find out.

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Amadana Cordless Phone: Stylish and Unique

The Japanese company Amadana has come out with a beautiful looking phone. What is really interesting about this phone is that you can rest the phone on its charging stand on either the front or back side.