Ways to Wrangle Tangled Earbud Cords

You may have grown accustomed to having your earbuds tangled, but there are better ways of storing your earphones without them always ending up in knots. All of these ideas will keep your earphones tangle-free and will probably make them last a bit longer, because earbuds tend to break easily, given the abuse they suffer.

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Bread Bag Tags + Power Strip = Easy Identification

070511_rg_BreadTagsPowerStrips_01.jpgWe’ve mentioned using bread bag tags before to label cords, but Make intern, Tyler Moskowite took it to another level and used the common throw away item to identify all of his cords for easy identification. Instead of just plugging in your power cords haphazardly, you can use the bread tags to ensure that only the right ones stay plugged in when you need to. Some power supplies and computer peripherals are energy vampires, so it’s a good way to stay on top of things.

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Coalesse Power Pod: When is a Power Strip Not a Strip?

Most of my power strips look the same. They are made to basically hide away under a desk or in a corner, so that the resulting cable mess doesn’t take over your desktop. That’s not what Coalesse’s Power Pod is for. This handsome power strip is circular and begs to be placed in a place of prominence on your desk.

coalesse power strip pod circular design

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Mobile Juicing: Power on the Go

With the amount of gadgets that the average person now has, it’s getting hard to rely solely on powering up your gadgets at home. Luckily, there are quite a few different mobile charging solutions available that will keep your gizmos all juiced up, no matter how far you are from the nearest power plug.

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5 Great Techy Power Strips For The Home Office

It’s a given that we all need power strips in our home offices and home theater rooms. It’s quite impossible to do without. However, there are quite a few different solutions out there that will make life easier, and hopefully less cluttered. These are our favorite techy power strips.

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Fujitsu Tests Energy Monitoring Power Strip

040710_rg_FujitsuPowerStrip_01.jpgFujitsu has just released information on a new power strip that will monitor its energy usage. That sounds kind of cool. Usually, energy monitors need to be plugged into the power grid in some fashion, but these things are just what they are advertised to be: power strips that monitor how much electricity is shunted through them.

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ZERO: AT&T’s New Anti-Vampire Device Plug

032210_rg_ATTZero_01.jpgIf there’s one thing that needs optimization, it’s the dreaded cable squid that’s located underneath your desk. When you only have a few devices, it’s not a problem. But when you have a plethora of plugged devices, it becomes a lot harder to manage. AT&T will try and help you optimize your plug problem with their new plug, the ZERO.

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Leech Plug Unplugs Itself After It Completes A Charge

All of the transformers plugged into your power sockets consume electricity, even when they aren’t charging up your gadgets. That’s why it’s so important to find a way to manage them effectively, by unplugging them or by just turning off the power bar. But what if there was a better way?

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New & Improved Chargepod Charges Multiple Devices

012710_rg_Chargepod_01.jpgChargers are a hassle, especially if you have a lot of devices that need to be charged at the same time. This gets even worse when you are on the road or at home. But is it worth it?

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Fulton’s eCoupled Will Negate The Use of Power Cords

Fulton presented some interesting technology at CES 2010. eCoupled lets you use your kitchen appliances without having any power cords around.

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