The LEGO Recharger: Manages Power and Keys

Docks and charging stations are necessary to keep your desk free of the usual clutter. The LEGO Recharger combines our love of LEGO bricks with the simple task of juicing up your gadgets in style.

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Look! The Incredible Portable Charging Mat

070909_rg_chargingmat_01.jpgA typical home will have a bunch of devices that need charging every single day. We know that most of you just spread them around, splitting up wall sockets with power strips and getting the most out of them. The trouble is usually that: they are all spread out over your place and creating a mess with the wires. Here at Unplggd, we eschew messy wires, so the charging mat comes in really handy by creating a standalone charging station.

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Future Shelving: A Great Way To Charge Your Gadgets

021709_rg_plugandplay_01.jpgShelving hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. There’s nothing more boring than picking up a pair of shelves from Ikea and putting them in your pad. Most of the time, you have to mix and match and that never looks good. Thankfully, new types of shelving are coming out. This shelf is a technological piece of furniture, that will enable you to light your space, charge your gadgets and store stuff. That’s pretty nifty!

Vine Cables: So Green That They Grow on You

021009_rg_vinecables_01.jpgI’ve never seen a good looking cable. Cords and cables are always unseemly. You just want to hide them away behind a desk or a closet. The fact of the matter is that our modern lives are intertwined with cables. We just can’t live without them! They’re everywhere. All gadgets come with some charging cable or USB cable, that just messes everything up. Thankfully, Microworks has come up with a new and fresh design, a cable that you wouldn’t mind having around, now how novel is that?

Powewise: A Table-Like Docking Station


Powerwise is a neat little docking station designed by by Johanna Strand and Asa Elmstam. If you have a lot of gadgets to charge, a docking station is the best way to manage them. In one compact space, you are able to charge all or most of your devices.

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Belkin Energy Saving Power Outlet

As you may already know, leaving many of your devices plugged into a wall socket or power outlet means that they are consuming electricity even when you aren’t using them. This adds up if you have a lot of devices and gadgets that are always plugged in. The simple way around this is to physically unplug them and plug them in only when they are in use, but that can easily get tedious.

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Bonsai Solar-Cell Charger


In the quest of keeping all of your gadgets charged up, nothing would be quite like using a bonsai tree that uses the sun to juice them up. Vivien Muller came out with this great concept to charge your gadgets. PhotonSynthesis is a device which looks like a solar-cell bonsai.

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Triple Your Wall Outlets


No matter how much you try, you will never have enough wall outlets. That’s why we have extension cords and power adapters to multiply them. One of the ways of cutting down on wires and power cords is to simply have more wall outlets, which is why this one is so nifty.

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Brando’s Mini Universal Power Charger


Brando has just come out with a new universal battery charger. It works on the same principles, jaw-grip/adjustable electric contacts, as their previous Thanko version. This little gizmo is designed to be portable and draws its power from a USB port. It can supposedly adapt to different voltages.

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DIY: Drawer Becomes Hideaway Charging Station


Pesky wires are always a problem with modern gadgets. All of those gadgets need to be charged. Strabes found an interesting solution to this problem. Strabes turned a drawer from a nightstand into a handy charging station.

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